Akçansa Fatih Sultan Mehmet, a public school, is situated in the Büyükçekmece territory of Istanbul close Istanbul. Akçansa Fatih Sultan Mehmet Secondary School, which began preparing in 1990, has achieved the present day working in 2006 because of the expanding limit prerequisite. Our school has 43 classrooms, 1 science research facility, 2 ICT rooms, 1 library, 1 music room, 1 painting class, 1 eating lobby, 2 innovation configuration room, 1 specialized curriculum class and 1 bolster instruction class. In each class of our school there are interactive boards that are given under the Fatih Project. There are roughly 1475 students enlisted in our school and 85 educators are working. Academically, students are instructing in arithmetic, Turkish, science, English, socia reviews, painting, music, information technology, technology design, religious culture and morals. The improvement of our students is upheld by different social (theater, Robotic, choir, chess) and sport branches in addition to main courses. We have many honors in many wearing and social rivalries. We have English’s classes in which students learn remote dialect through unique instructing strategies. We have thee guiding administrations that give directing and mental support to our students. The biggest our motivation to participate this project is to develop our teacher’s skills and to provide new opportunities to our students. This project will open a door for us to catch new disciplines about digital world. We can contribute students’ digital thinking and critical skill. At the same time our teachers are so dynamic and open minded. They always want to develop their own skills. They are talent about working interdisciplinary. However these teacher cannot bring out their own potential because of some obstacle such as limited time, current curriculum, money etc. This project will raise professional motivation of teachers and provide satisfaction about their profession. Moreover it provide to develop European identity at our school.


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