The Mangualde Group of Schools consists of all schools, from pre-school education to secondary level, including VET courses, recognition and certification of adult skills and distance secondary adult education, in Mangualde municipality. Three of its main buildings are situated next to each other: Secondary School Felismina Alcantara, EB2/3 Gomes Eanes de Azurara, and EB2/3 Ana de Castro Osório. This last school has a School Centre, with several units and activities for pupils with special educational needs. The Mangualde Group of Schools is the largest school unit in the district of Viseu: 2300 pupils, 260 teachers and 150 employees. The Mangualde Group of Schools is also the headquarters of EDUFOR. The EduFor Training Centre (cf. or ) is the teacher training centre associated with six school groups, all of them in the district of Viseu in Portugal. The six groups of schools (Canas de Senhorim, Nelas, Mangualde, Penalva do Castelo, Sátão and Vila Nova de Paiva) associated with EduFor cover a large area of five councils and have a common potential in several domains. EduFor is acknowledged by the Portuguese Ministry of Education as a teacher training entity. EduFor’s main office is situated in Mangualde Secondary School Felismina Alcantara. Since 1993, we have gained great experience in organizing, managing and assessing training events covering diverse areas and training types, both face-to-face and distance learning. We encourage good educational practices by participating in and designing training courses and pedagogical projects that integrate Technology in learning environments. Some references are TRENDS; Prof2000 and the Inov@r com QI project, whose results were presented at a European level at the "European Conference Educational Research 2007", at the University of Ghent, Belgium” and, of course, Erasmus+ Projects. EduFor has been pursuing a policy of questioning, debate, analysis and training, and in a network environment we have been sharing experiments, innovative environments and answers. The innovative projects that EduFor is now involved in and its Director’s participation in several conferences is proof of its activity. Because EduFor is an association of schools, it is in a position to involve human resources (teachers, staff, pupils, etc.) with the most appropriate profile for each project. The Director of EduFor Training Centre has great experience in the planning and promotion of projects involving schools and technology. The teachers involved are certified as trainers in technology. We are proficient in the use of web 2.0 tools for collaborative work and distance learning. We have experience in Probotica (Programming and robotic) and we give support to teachers training in scratch. We use in our Edufor Innovative Classroom L@b, Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot and InO-Bot. Our last acquisition is the NAO Robot, that is an autonomous programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics.

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